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 Guild Guidelines

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PostSubject: Guild Guidelines   Thu Feb 16, 2012 3:02 pm

TRF's Guild Guidelines:

1: Don't buy more than 3 improvements at once. It will overwhelm fellow guild member's workers,
and distract them from other member's upgrades. Once your new items have been fully built you can buy more.

(It's okay if you bought more than 3 improvements before joining the guild. Simply wait for those improvements to be completed before purchasing more.)

2: Any member inactive for more than 9 days without informing me that
they'll be gone is presumed inactive and will be kicked from the guild.

3: If you know you can't get on and play for 9 or more days, PM me.

4: Share your points, even if you don't have anything for others to work
on at the moment. Other members will remember your actions.

5: Respect and help all of your fellow guild members,
they will be doing the same.

Every member is required to follow the Guidelines at all times. Please do not assume that you have a valid reason for breaking them. They have been put in place to ensure that all members are treated fairly.

(Please know that I (the guild leader) am looking out for those who do not follow the guidelines. If you see someone breaking the guidelines, please do not message me, as I have likely already seen and dealt with the issue, or will, as soon as I can.)
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Guild Guidelines
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