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 Guild Flag

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PostSubject: Guild Flag   Fri Sep 12, 2014 4:49 pm

In the upper left corner of your main shop hall is a red and gold flag. This is the Guild Flag.

Here's an explanation of the four tabs and what you can use them for.

1st tab: Status
This is the main tab that will open when you click the flag. It will show you the names of all the guild members.
It is where you can leave the guild, by clicking the X button in the lower right corner.  
In the lower left corner you can find the other tabs.

2nd tab: Log
This tab allows you to see what other members have done. Such as: the co-op points that members have given.
If a member has successfully spied on someone. When a member has earned an achievement.
It only holds the 50 most recent activities.  
(This also allows me to make sure everyone is doing their part at giving points.)

3rd tab: Challenge
This shows the guild challenge. Here's how the challenge works:
Every members' daily sales value(how much money each member earned from selling items during one game day)
is added to the guild's total gold value. That total value is what we see in the Challenge tab.
The challenge runs for two days. A new one starts as soon as the current one ends. Guilds that come in 1st through
4th place get LPs(licence points) that can then be used to buy guild upgrades.
(We're not worried about getting LPs anymore, because we've already bought all the upgrades.)

4th tab: Licenses
These are all the guild upgrades that can be bought with LPs. As you can see when you open it, we've already
bought all of them. You can hover over them to see what they do.

If you have any questions regarding any of these subjects, feel free to post a reply here, or send me an in-game message.
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Guild Flag
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