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 Hints and Help

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PostSubject: Hints and Help   Thu Feb 16, 2012 4:32 pm


Click here to learn how to give points to other members.

Click here to learn about the Guild Flag.

Click here to learn about Stats and Workers.

Click here to check out the S&P Wikia!
(Lots of good info.)

Question: Can you play this game without buying Tokens?
Answer: Yes, definitely. I'm over level 1500 and have my workshop in the Palace and have never needed to buy Tokens.
I've received Tokens from the daily roulette though, which has been helpful.


1# A high Haggling ability is very good to have.

2# (For the Noobs) The cost of making an item depends on the amount of materials you use to make the item.
(i.e. Soft Gloves need 1 leather to make, each leather costs 5gp, so Soft gloves only cost you 5gp to make. You can sell
Soft gloves for 70gp, but most customers won't want to give you that much gold, even selling them for 10gp is a profit.)

3# (for the Noobs) Don't haggle to much in the beginning. Your haggling ability isn't high enough yet to do to much good.
You need all the gold you can get and if you haggle poorly you'll make your customers mad and they won't come back.

4#(for the noobs) If you buy recipes from NPC's, it will save time and keep you from running out of items while workers are
researching. Once you have improved your Innovator skill this no longer applies.

5# Get a Carpenter fast. And upgrade him often. [This tip is really more for the guild than your personal ease.]

6# Sometime in your game there will be quests that will reward you with large amounts of rare resources(Mithril, Dragon's Blood,
Gems, Mythic Feathers). You may start with only 10, but later it will be 20, 30 and more of one of these items. So think about
upgrading those bins to make room.

7# when upgrading your bins, go slowly. The price increases every time you upgrade, so look and make sure that you're ready
to spend that much money before hitting the upgrade button.(It can get very pricey in the 20's, 30's, and above)

8# Damage control: if you didn't upgrade your bins before the end of the quest and you are presented with a large amount of
rare resources, simply close the game without hitting the "OK" button. Then reopen the game, upgrade your
bin (or make items that use that resource) and the Adventurer with your resources will walk back into your store. No waste  Very Happy

9# Questers that have finished their quest will continue to come into your shop, day after day. If you don't have room for a resource, let the quester leave, they will return the next day, and the day after, and so forth.

10# Customers are more willing to haggle up the price on items that required one of the 4 rare resources to make.
(Mithril, Dragon's Blood, Gems, Mythic Feathers.)

11# Later in your game having a high Adventurer skill can be very useful, because the successful adventurers will bring you
expensive items that you may not even be able to make yourself, earning you high profits. They will also
give you rare resources you can use to make better items.

12# Make sure to log in for just a minute every day (even if you don't have time to play) to spin the daily roulette.
If you can keep up with it, you have a chance at getting 100 Tokens.(Yes, it's possible.)


If you have a tip you'd like to add, just reply to this topic and I'll add it to the list.
If you have a question on how to do something, I'll post the answer under the "help" section.
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Hints and Help
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