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PostSubject: Points   Mon Apr 09, 2012 8:00 am

1st: Choose any of your four workers by clicking on them

2nd: Each worker has 8 options, click the top-right one: "Improve"

3rd: A new box will open

3.1: If the box is empty/black, then there are no members in need of points from that particular worker; check each worker to see if they can give points.

3.2: If there are things to give points to, it will show the name of the member and what it is that they need help with.

MyOwnName Maple dummies
[|||||||| 2k/5k ]

Click on the person's name to highlight it, in the bottom-right corner of the box the 'improve' button will light up.

4th: click the improve button and decide how many points you'd like to give to that person.
(It's usually easiest to give all of your points to the same person at once.
To be fair though you can switch who you're giving to every time you're handing out points.)

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